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Progressive & Innovative Counseling Services

Dr. Crystal Malloy, PhD, LPC & Associates

Malloy Psychological Services: Comprehensive Care for Mind and Body

Located in the historic and welcoming city of Savannah, Georgia, Malloy Psychological Services is a cornerstone of compassionate and comprehensive mental health care. Under the guidance of Dr. Malloy, PhD, LPC, MAC, CEAP, a seasoned clinical psychologist with a deep-rooted connection to military and civilian mental health, our practice offers a nurturing environment for individuals seeking clarity, healing, and strength in their mental health journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold: to deliver outstanding mental health services that honor the individuality of each person, and to create a space where everyone—particularly veterans and their families—feels seen, heard, and supported. We strive to dismantle the barriers to accessing mental health care, making it easier for our community members to receive the help they need and deserve.

Our Team

Malloy Psychological Services boasts a team of eight exceptional clinicians, each specializing in various areas of mental health care and therapy. Our team's diversity in skills and compassionate approach ensures that we can address a wide array of mental health concerns, offering personalized support to each individual who walks through our doors.

Our Services

We are proud to offer a wide range of mental health services designed to cater to the specific needs of our clients:

  • Individual Therapy: Private sessions aimed at exploring personal issues and fostering growth in a confidential setting.

  • Group Therapy: A shared space for individuals to connect with others facing similar challenges, providing mutual support and understanding.

  • Family/Couples Therapy: Sessions focused on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening bonds within relationships.

  • Crisis Intervention: Immediate support and stabilization for individuals in acute distress.

  • Telemental Health/Video Sessions: Accessible online therapy options for those unable to attend in-person sessions.

  • Specialized Evaluations: Our practice offers a range of specialized evaluations, including:

    • Bariatric Evaluations: Comprehensive assessments for individuals considering bariatric surgery, focusing on psychological readiness and post-operative adjustment.

    • Psychological Evaluations: In-depth assessments for diagnostic clarification, treatment planning, and understanding cognitive and emotional functioning.

    • Mental Health Evaluations: Evaluations designed to identify specific mental health conditions and recommend appropriate treatment options.

    • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations: Assessments to understand substance use patterns and recommend interventions or treatment plans.

Dedicated Support for Military Families and Veterans

With Dr. Malloy’s background as an Air Force "brat" and experience with military communities, our practice has a special commitment to serving veterans and military families. We provide specialized care for challenges such as PTSD, transition difficulties, and family reintegration, with a deep understanding of the military lifestyle and its impacts.

Our Commitment to the Savannah Community

As part of the Savannah community, Malloy Psychological Services is committed to promoting mental health awareness and advocacy. We engage in local events and initiatives aimed at educating the public and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

Your Path to Wellness Starts Here

At Malloy Psychological Services, we understand that reaching out for help is a significant step. We’ve cultivated a practice where respect, empathy, and professionalism are at the forefront of all we do. If you or someone you know is seeking a partner in the journey toward mental wellness, we invite you to contact us. Let’s walk the path of healing, growth, and empowerment together.

*All Same Day Appointments In person at Savannah location or virtual

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“As I've experienced, therapy can open a lot of wounds. Nevertheless I feel you are a great therapist and impacted my life for the better. I've learned so much about myself and it's not always easy being vulnerable but I was able to with you. Even if it didn't seem like it. Want to simply thank you for everything. Shared knowledge and resources. Life is a beautiful journey and you've been a blessing to me along the way.”

"My Family and I have been with Dr. Malloy for over a year now, and we absolutely love her! 😍 She truly cares about our wellbeing and goes above and beyond to assist with valuable feedback. Dr. Malloy’s professionalism is amazing, and she takes the time to listen. My Family and I cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Malloy for her compassion and excellent services. She is absolutely one of the BEST!! 🏆Her love for what she does has pulled one of our children completely out of her shell and she is now talking, 🗣️ something that we were told by other professionals, would not happen. I am just so proud to be a client of hers and highly recommend Dr. Malloy’s services. 💯💗"

Great therapist, highly recommend. She takes the time to really get to know you before making recommendations on your treatment plan. You do not feel like you are in a therapeutic environment when talking with her she makes you feel comfortable with sharing."

"I thoroughly enjoy coming here for therapy! It’s a nice cozy atmosphere and everyone is welcoming!"


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